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About JKWebDesigns


About Us



I spent most of my working life enjoying a successful 40+ year career as owner and senior engineer of A&J Recording Studios, a New York City based post production sound recording studio.

During that time, I worked with a varied client roster, serving the communications needs of the radio, television, film, Information-by-Telephone, walking, driving, and museum tours, theatrical sound design, educational CD-ROM’s, web design, and corporate communications fields.

My client list included such organizations as Ken Burns’ Florentine Films (“Jazz”, “The Civil War,” “Baseball” and “The West” on PBS), The Library of Congress, Columbia House, Movado Watch Company, The Fashion Group, Cotton Incorporated, Suggs Media Productions, Konica Minolta Corporation, and many others.

I've always been fascinated by technology, and the communications possibilities offered by the Internet. Since moving to South Florida about 17 years ago, I've focused my efforts on web site design and web based organizational management systems.


Although I enjoy the challenge of designing web sites for a diverse range of clients, I’m excited by, and specialize in creating web sites for artists, and web based organizational management systems for arts oriented institutions.  My clients get the benefit of my over 40 years experience in communications, and I get my creative boundaries stretched by their artistic and design skills.

I believe that a “one size” web site does not fit all. Each client is unique, and that each web site and system should be individually designed to effectively represent the client, and not the web designer. When I begin a project, I spend a great deal of time with my clients, getting to understand their individual needs, and discussing their desires, likes and dislikes. During these discussions, I’ll make recommendations regarding design and functionality that I think will help them to reach their communications and management goals.

To be an effective communications tool, a web site must visually represent the artist and complement the work that they are displaying.  Visitors must be able to navigate the site easily and find the information that they’re looking for quickly.

Organizational management systems must offer the organization the up to date information that helps them to manage present programs and to plan for the future.

A site must be continually updated in order to meet the needs of its owner and visitors, so even the most complex site must be extremely easy to update and self manage from any computer with internet access.

No web site or system is completely designed before the process of building it begins. It is an evolving “work in progress”, and there will always be additions and changes as the project develops. For this reason, I find that both my clients and I am more comfortable with a package price for their project. That way, every minor creative change is not filtered by additional fees.

When a project is completed I always turn over a complete set of files, licences, user names and  passwords as well as complete, customized documentation for the project.

In addition, I’m always available for the minor tweaks and fixes that are needed as the new site gets used.


The part of a site that the public sees is only a small part of the whole.

Whether a site belongs to an individual artist, or it's a complex organization or business website, the part that the owners, or other designated parties use to manage the site, and their business (remember, an artist's web site is also a business site) can include the ability to accept payments for many reasons, subscription management, automated scheduling of information publishing, automated email notifications, membership management, various automatically generated reports, visitor statistics, social media integration, and many other functions that are specific to a particular situation.

The results of this added functionality can automatically update both public and private web pages, so that the information that both visitors and managers see is always up to date. Access to up to date, accurate information can help artists to further their careers, or organizations to manage their day to day business activities, and to grow.


•    A client’s web site is the client’s exclusive property.
•    All services, components, licences and domains should be registered in the client’s name.
•    Clients should have complete access to all services, files, accounts, etc.
•    All web site content should be easily revised and updated by it’s owners from any computer with internet access.
•    After an exploratory meeting to determine the scope of a project, all fees should be disclosed, and unless there are major changes in the project’s scope, there should be no financial surprises.

All service providers (hosting services, content management software, domain registrars) and any third party software packages that are utilized for a JKWebDesign’s client’s web site operation must meet the following criteria:

•    Have at least a successful 5 year operating track record.
•    Use proven, industry standard techniques and programming.
•    Maintain their services with the latest upgrades.
•    Offer 24 x 7, telephone based, senior level tech support as their entry level of support.
•    Speak the site owner’s language as their primary language.


In addition to meeting the criteria that I mentioned above, my biggest reason for choosing CMS Builder by Interactive Tools over other, “Open Source” content management software packages is that Interactive Tools acts as a central clearing house for any upgrades to their core application and for any add-on plugins that offer specialized functionality to their core software.

Internet browsers, internet services, computer operating systems, and other computer software and hardware systems are constantly undergoing major changes.

Interactive Tools development staff, in conjunction with the large international user base for it’s CMS Builder application, is constantly upgrading their software to keep up with these changes.  

Before any software upgrades are released, great care is taken to insure that a client’s web pages and all add-ons will still be fully functional.

In contrast, most Open Source software relies on end user created add-ons to supply the core application with much of their functionality. When changes in the core application, or in the internet community occur, there is no guarantee that any end user created add-on will still function as expected.

Should there ever be a need for other programmers to make modifications to a client’s site design, The CMS Builder family has thousands of designers around the country and the world who are expert at designing sites with the program for a wide range of specialties. Interactive Tools also has an in house design staff who can easily effect any changes necessary.


I’ve been so impressed with the flexibility of the CMS Builder software and the caliber of Interactive Tools and it’s development staff, that for the past few years, I’ve been publishing what I and other users have learned in a compendium of recipes called “The CMSB Cookbook”,

Every time I’ve come across a solution to a web design challenge, or a bit of code that enhances the functionality of a website that I’m working on, I add that code to the Cookbook. I add submissions from other users as well, and the Cookbook has now become a valuable on-line resource for users of CMS Builder.

The recipes in the cookbook serve as a resource that I can draw on to offer advanced functionality to my clients' diverse site designs.

I invite you to explore the web sites on my Home Page and hope that you will consider me for your next web design project.