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Jack Wild's Wild Bunch

Reflection in a Mirror
Delray Beach
Size: 24" x 18"  Edition: 10

Reflection in a Window
Size: 30" x 24"  Edition: 10

Reflection on a City Street
Soho, New York
Size: 24" x 20"  Edition: 10
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Artist’s Statement

Looking in a window, or walking down a street, we are constantly bombarded with wildly divergent perceptions of reality. Past and present, shadow and light, nature and artifact, inside and out battle against each other for our attention. The images compete, sometimes silently, at other times noisily. They come from different decades, different centuries, and different ways of life. Sometimes, the images are not only fleeting in our perception, but in real time, as the old gets torn down, and is replaced by the new, newer, and newest. As we move through our environment, we learn to focus.

I’ve lived in South Florida for close to ten years, yet I still feel like a lucky traveler who has been gifted with the time to stay, to look, and to explore. I consciously seek out this cacophony, this juxtaposition of cultures, life styles, and times in our lives. Some of my images appear to be photo collages or photo montages, but they are, in fact, single photographic images. Others are more direct in their approach, but still contain unexpected bits of information or moments that would otherwise pass us by. All explore the dualities, the multiple and often incongruous impressions that bombard us, ever changing and in transition, a mix of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


The 11th Annual Palm Beach Photographic Centre Infocus Juried Exhibition

The Armory Art Center Student Show and Sale, West Palm Beach
The 12th Annual Palm Beach Photographic Centre Infocus Juried Exhibition, Jurist, Arnold Dropkin
Palm Beach County Art in Public Places, Palm Beach International Airport, Local Treasures
The National Photography and Digital Imagery Exhibition, Palm Beach Community College, Eissey Campus, Competition Jurist, Terry Barrett, Ph. D, Ohio State University

Native Offerings II, Pine Jog Environmental Education Center, curated by Talya Lerman
“Take Me Home” - Meyerhoefer "On the Side" presented by Bruce Webber Gallery, curated by Peter Meyerhoefer
“Uncommon Objects”, The Gallery at LK Mix, West Palm Beach


Coursework in Photography from 1970 to the present
Armory Art Center Critique Seminars, 2008
Armory Art Center Photo Salon with Marie Marzi
Boca Raton Museum School of Art Fine Art Photography Master Class, with Jack Wild, 2008/9

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