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Jack Wild's Wild Bunch

Starting Out
Size: 18 x 24

Orchid Essence
Size: 18 x 24

Palm Splendor
Size: 24 x 18
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Digital Photography and Abstract Digital Art


Nature and photography have always fascinated me.
My father gave me his childhood bellows type Kodak camera when I was ten years old.
Many hours were spent in my backyard photographing throughout the
The everchanging mysteries of my small world were my inspiration.
I found beauty in the twist of a leaf, the overlap of a bird's feathers or
the glow in the heart of a flower.
Nature astounds and delights me now - even more.
It invites me to explore all it's facets.
After many years as a gallery artist with painting as my passion, I now use
my camera to "paint" reality and abstraction.
Often my photographs are made by moving the camera and using slow shutter
speeds to capture a different view to convey my inner feelings
about the subject.
I've studied and photographed nature's forms in many different ways,
always hoping to capture the essence of my subjects.
I hope to share this with those who see my work.


Ohio State University - Major in Fine Art
Nature Photography with
John Shaw and John and Barbara Gerlach
University of Michigan Photography Classes
Palm Beach Photographic Center
Boca Museum Art School
Jack Wild Master Class


Detroit Audubon Society
Detroit Society of Painters
Scarab Club of Detroit
Represented by Rubiner Gallery in Michigan for 20 years
Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association
Bird Talk Magazine - published
Boca Museum Courtyard Exhibit 2008
Florida Camera Club Council 2005-9
Bonnet House - 2009
Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge - 2008/2009


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