Peace of Mind

A Web Site Backup Service
For Our Content Management Clients
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Peace of Mind
When was the last time you backed up your computer?

Do you back up your web site also?

Most people don't, and some of them have found themselves
scrambling to salvage their data

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Peace of Mind

We're Announcing A New Service
For our Content Management Customers

Peace of Mind

We’ll back up your web site and all it’s contents for you each month...
So that you'll have ”Peace of Mind”...

Why do I need to back up my web site?

• Your web site and all of its contents are stored on computer systems at your hosting company's web server computers.

• Even though your web host takes precautions to insure that their computers are protected, there’s still a real possibility that your web site can become inoperable due to malfunction of one of their on-line computers or damage to either your web page files or your on line database files.

• No computer system, no matter how sophisticated, is safe from failures, data corruption or loss of data.

How will JKWebDesigns help?

Our new service will help to make sure that a computer problem doesn’t bring down your web site, by backing up your entire web site each month. And we’ll store each month’s backups on a DVD-ROM.

Just how much will Peace of Mind" cost for my web site?

We’ll get you set up for our “Peace of Mind” backup service for a fee of only $65, which includes upgrading your web site to the latest version of your CMS Builder content management software and also includes your first web site backup. Then we'll back up your entire web site each month for the next 12 months for only $78 (That’s only $6.50 per month) for a total of 13 months of “Peace of Mind”. Your first year cost, including setup is $143. After that, it's only $78 per year.

If during your contract, your web site should become inoperative due to data loss or corruption, we’ll restore it from the latest working backup copy at no extra charge.

Sounds reasonable... what’s the catch?

Well, there is only one. (Well, really two)

No matter how hard we try to protect your data, there’s a really slim chance that we won’t be able to get your web site up and running again without some extra work. And, if that happens we’ll have to charge you at the rate of $50/hour for this extra effort. (We won’t begin this work without talking to you first).

Even after we’ve done our best, there’s no absolute guarantee that all of your data will be in perfect condition.

Also, there still may be some data that you’ll have to re-enter, since any information changed during the month may be lost.

As long as you understand and agree to these limitations, JKWebDesigns will offer you as much ”Peace of Mind” as we can.

OK, I’m sold. Where do I sign?

Just click here and you’ll be able to pay for your setup and your first year of “Peace of Mind” by PayPal or with your Credit Card. The total charge for setup and the first year of backups is only $143.00.

Can you back up my computer as well?

We can’t back up your computer for you, but I can recommend some really simple and inexpensive approaches to help you to do it yourself. The approach that you use really depends on how you use your computer. Click here to learn more about computer backup options.

Here’s why this is important. Even if you have an external thumb drive or other storage device connected to your computer, your computer’s internal hard drive is where all of your programs and much of your data is stored.

Because your computers’s internal drive is constantly spinning at over 5000 rpm, it’s also the most vulnerable component in your computer. As with any mechanical device, the question is not “if” your internal drive will fail, but rather “when” it will fail.

Normally, if your computer suffers from some other component malfunction, odds are that you won’t lose your information.

The Small Print
By signing up for the “Peace of Mind” service, you agree that JKWebdesigns, it’s owners, agents, vendors, or assignees shall not be held liable for any claim and you forego the right to recover damages for situations resulting from the use of that service including, but not limited to, loss of profit, data, or special, incidental, or consequential damages, or other similar claims.